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Remote Unix & Linux Monitoring and Support

DbaSupport provides UNIX (SCO, TRUE UNIX 64,SVR 4,SOLARIS,HP-UX) & LINUX support services to fulfill 100% of your Unix administration needs. For companies looking for low cost Unix support solutions we provide remote Unix support (Bronze,Silver,Gold,Platinum packages) which will be administered through live chat, phone support and remote desktop support. If you opt for our onsite support, you will automatically qualify for our remote support (Bronze) programs. So while you have full time Unix administrator at your site, you will simultaneously enjoy round the clock remote support from our network of Unix administrators  free of cost. The remote Unix support and monitoring will have following features (Depending upon the package you purchase)

Our UNIX monitor continuously checks the following server metrics:

  • CPU
  • Disk
  • Memory
  • Software Raid 
  • Hardware Raid
  • Filesystem integrity 
  • Mail queues
  • Virtual Memory/Disk IO
  • DNS
  • FTP
  • HTTP (Connection and content)
  • Regular expression match in syslog files
  • existence/size/perms of files/directories

Remote Unix & Linux Administration

System Administration 

  • Remote server administration
  • System troubleshooting & debugging
  • Network management (LAN)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security auditing & hardening
  • Software installation & configuration
  • File & directory services, NFS
  • Kernel rebuilds & module management
  • Backup planning & implementation
  • Performance and kernel tuning
  • Emergency support (24/7)

With a simple email or , we can give you a quick overview of our range of Unix  support services. You can opt for 24/7 comprehensive coverage for mission-critical Unix support (nameUP) or other affordably price packages(UnixGold, UnixSilver, UnixBronze). We are located in the India and work with clients on-site and remotely around the globe. Our Oracle remote Unix Administrators offers access to experts when you need it and cost-effective services at the level of support you need.

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